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The St. Philips Medical Centre located on Sheffield Street in Holborn, London is under severe threat. Planning application has been submitted by the London School of Economics to demolish the current St. Philips Building. A New Students’ Centre would then be erected in its place, a modern construction not in keeping with the surrounding buildings. Not only would the architectural landscape of the area be drastically altered but the essential public services provided from within the walls would be lost. A replacement medical centre has not been included within the plans. The importance of saving the St. Philips Medical Centre is two-fold. Firstly, the healthcare which it provides to 8,000 people within the local community is undeniably essential and it has now become clear that we will not be relocated before the planned demolition date. This would not only be damaging to the welfare of the student population but also the many vulnerable local people who receive care from our GPs and nurses. Secondly, the St. Philips Medical Centre is located within the Strand Conservation Area which aims to protect collections of buildings noted for their architectural and historical merit. It would be a tragedy to allow the severe disruption of such an area to take place and the loss of a building which serves the locality in so many ways. We urge you to oppose the planning permission either online or in writing in order to save your medical centre

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